About the Grange

The Grange Foundation

The Grange Foundation is the affiliated 501(c)3 charitable organization that focuses on education, leadership and community development, and other services and programs that enhance life for those in America’s hometowns. Donations to the foundation may be tax deductible. Contact your financial advisor.

We hope you enjoy the information and entertainment from Grange Radio, an initiative of the Grange Foundation. We also hope you appreciate the things Granges do to enhance their communities and improve the lives of their neighbors.  We welcome you to join us as a member.


National Grange

The National Grange was founded in 1867 as a fraternal organization for farm families. From its beginnings, women had full voice and vote and could hold any office. Today, our nearly 160,000 members across the country – primarily affiliated with local Granges – provide millions of hours of service to their communities and dollars to those in need.

While we are a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, because of the membership element central to our fraternal structure, we are designated as a 501(c)5 nonprofit organization by the IRS.

Membership is truly open to the whole family. Our Junior Grange is for children ages 5-14 and younger children are always welcome at Grange meetings with their parents and grandparents. At age 14, young men and women are eligible to join the Grange as adult members, but special services, activities and programs are in place to enhance the leadership skills and help youth members 14-35 develop to their fullest potential.

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